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Sam Lopez
Office: 970-518-7658
Karen Edwards
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-381-6496
Renee Rhodes
Office: 970-691-1888
Alex Serrano
Office: 970-347-0104
Charlotte Ingalls
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-590-2922
Jose Pineda
Office: 970-388-2118
Cell: 970-388-2118
Matt Revitte
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-396-3094
Cindy Hewitt
Office: 970-396-6560
Ryan Jones
Office: 970-405-9915
Tony Cook
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-302-7417
Lou Cangilla
Office: 970-356-3343
Cell: 970-356-3343
Vanessa  Hernandez
Office: 9703531117
Cell: 9708159250
Raymond Pfalzgraff
Office: 970-539-0026
Stephanie Watson
Office: 970-373-9077
Annie Fuller
Office: 970-716-0654
Ann Rasmussen
Office: 970-518-5085
Nikki True
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-590-7566
Larry Frazier
Office: 970-590-6288
Lacey Woods
Office: 970-397-4884
Gerry McFarling
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-313-6884
Luke Loeffler
Office: 970-302-5654
Kathie Miner
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-405-9202
Myron Hastings
Office: 970-381-9226
Reynaldo Lozano
Office: 970-978-7139
Sean Byrne
Office: 9703531117
Cell: 303-815-5501
Linda Swanson
Office: 970-396-6093
Barbara Grabenstein
Office: 970-324-3071
Cell: 970-324-3071
Justin Gesso
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-673-7273
Christy Perkins
Office: 970-388-0467
Jim Kepler
Office: 970-396-6918
Mike Ramstack
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-590-7580
Mark Ferguson
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-371-6333
Rich Murphy
Office: 970-590-2384
Cell: 970-590-2384
David Clark
Office: 970-405-7815
Darrel Adolf
Office: 970-231-6673
Beth Beck
Office: 970-222-1626
Cell: 970-222-1626
Scott Brown
Office: 970-302-2030
Cell: 970-302-2030
Cher Heimbegner
Office: 970-353-1117
Cell: 970-302-9545
Bonnie Martin
Office: 970-576-0502
Ismael Mendoza
Office: 970-545-2599
Cell: 970-545-2599
Tammy Woods
Office: 970-381-8642

Bonnie Martin

Office: 970-576-0502
When I become your Realtor®, I commit myself to do my best for you. Whether you’re selling your home, buying a new one, or both, I will do the work it takes to get the job done. I will be with you every step of your process. I will take the time we need, and bring all my experience and training to help you meet your real estate goal. I want you pleased and satisfied at the end of your transaction. I want to have earned your referral to your family, neighbors, and friends.
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