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Evans, CO

Evans is located in northern Colorado approximately 50 miles north of Denver. The city's 300 acres of parks and its location near the South Platte River make it an ideal home for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Real Estate

Families who want to live near parks and schools can find homes for sale with three or four bedrooms. Recreation rooms, full basements and fenced yards are some of the amenities available in these homes. Real estate here also includes large houses with six bedrooms, cozy houses with one bedroom and two-bedroom condos. Houses built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are available for those who are interested in historic homes for sale. The average price for a home in the city is $212,000.

Recreation and Attractions

People who enjoy sports can play soccer at Prairie View Park and softball at City Park. Those who prefer leisurely outdoor activities will enjoy strolling along walking trails in the parks and next to the river. Village Park has a playground and a picnic area.

Boyd Lake State Park approximately 22 miles away has outdoor activities for summer and winter visitors. People who visit during the summer can go boating on Boyd Lake. The lake also has a swimming area and a sandy beach. Winter visitors can go sledding and ice skating.

People who are interested in the history of Colorado can visit the Greeley History Museum in Greeley. Greeley is approximately four miles from Evans.

City residents can buy groceries at Safeway or Sprouts Farmers Market in Greeley. Clothing, furniture and items for the home are available in department stores at the Greeley Mall. The mall also has a movie theater and restaurants.


Travelers can take domestic flights from Greeley-Weld County Airport approximately 6 miles away in Greeley. Those who are traveling out of the country can fly from Denver International Airport approximately 50 miles away. People who want to travel by train can board Amtrak at Union Station in Denver approximately 46 miles away.


Public schools in Evans belong to Weld County School District 6. The city has three elementary schools and one middle school. A magnet school in the city is open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The four high schools in the district are in Greeley. The district also has an online academy and six charter schools. There are some private schools in Greeley.

For more information about Real Estate in or surrounding Evans please feel free to contact our office.

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